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Pre-Primary Schools for children aged 3-6

These schools were originally organised in the open air and were called ‘Schools Under the Sky’. The aim is to prepare children from the poorest families for entry into primary school. Now all our schools have shelters so they can operate throughout the year, including when it rains. The schools serve children from the poorest families in the area – the children of workers on the tea estates, of rickshaw pullers, labourers and families running very small grocery shop businesses in the local market.

The schools provide the children with very basic literacy and numeracy skills and develop the habit of going to school. There are currently 7 schools providing a varied range of activities including singing, stories and physical exercise. Over 210 children benefit from these schools each year. We are currently introducing healthy mid-morning snacks for children attending the schools

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Friends of Khasdobir, Bangladesh

Delivering a better future